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      What are your contact details?

      We're based here in Australia.  You can contact us at, or PO Box 309, Fairy Meadow, 2519, NSW.  Contact us if you have any questions about our yoga mats in Australia.

      What's Your Return Policy?

      Love it, or return it! We are so confident that you will love your new mat we offer a money back guarantee, all you need to do is pay the postage.  The guarantee is available to online orders only and for customers that have adhered to our mat care instructions. Mats must be returned within the first 30 days.  Read our returns and refund policy here.

      What are your eco yoga mats made from?

      Our mats are predominantly made from natural tree rubber. They are biodegradable, as is all our packaging - no plastics or fillers! Here are more details on what exactly is in our mats: What is in our Eco Yoga Mats?

      How do I care for my mat?

      Love your mat like you love your Yoga. Keep out of direct sunlight and dry after each use. We recommend cleaning with a damp cloth using water and white vinegar or alcohol-free witch hazel, add a couple of drops of lavender to soothe the mind during practice but be careful not to add too much as this will make the mat slippery. 

      Natural rubber does not like to get wet, avoid hosing, soaking or putting your mat through the washing machine as this will change the composition of the rubber. If your mat does get wet, make sure you dry it as soon as possible. No one likes to be wet and forgotten in the car and your natural yoga mat feels the same way! 

      What if I'm slipping, how to "break in" my new mat?

      Our mats are designed to have minimal break in time, but every mat and practice is different.

      Don’t worry too much if you experience some slipping when your mat is fresh out of the box - it's rare, but sometimes the mat can take a couple weeks of regular practice to break in and "grip up" following manufacturing.

      The more you use your Create Flow eco yoga mat the grippier it becomes.

      To speed up the break-in time, you can try giving the mat a vigorous rub down with a damp hand towel. Don’t use any soap, just warm water (and a bit of white vinegar if you have some on hand).

      Make sure you let the mat dry in a cool, shaded area before rolling it back up (no direct sunlight).

      If you’re finding you are slipping a lot, you can try practicing with a towel on top of the mat for the first couple of weeks. This will help break it in too! This is especially useful for more heated, sweaty practices.

      Where do you deliver to?

      We currently ship yoga mats, bags and carriers within Australia and New Zealand. 

      How long does delivery take?


      You'll usually receive your order 2 to 3 business days in metro areas, and 3 to 4 business days elsewhere.

      If you order your yoga mat in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane you'll usually receive it within 2 days - allow a day or two extra for other locations.  

      New Zealand

      Deliveries to New Zealand usually take 6 to 10 business days.

      Delivery is via Australia Post's eParcel.

      How much is postage / shipping?

      Shipping is $10 across Australia on all our mats, and free for accessories.

      We also ship to New Zealand.  Shipping to New Zealand is a $15 flat rate per item.

      Are your mats suitable for heated practices?

      Yes, our Studio yoga mat is ideal for heated practices.

      Please keep in mind, our mats are made of natural rubber, with no additives, so heat, hot rooms and direct (hot) sunlight may reduce the lifespan of Create Flow eco yoga mats.

      Our Grounded Mats will last longer in non-heated environments, but will still perform in warmer studios. However, we don't recommend our Grounded mat for very hot and humid environments.

      Where are your mats made?

      Our mats are manufactured in Taiwan under strict ethical workplace guidelines. The natural tree rubber is sourced predominantly from Thai tree farms. The rubber is non-Amazon, non-rainforest harvested.

      Are your yoga mats online only?

      You can buy our yoga mats online or at one of these studios or locations.