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      Your Practice

      DIY Yoga Mat Eco Cleaner

      Giving your mat a little love can be a beautiful ritual that allows you to be a little creative and add a personal touch to your practice. We are frequently contacted by yogis asking for recommendations on the best way to take care of their Mukti Mat. Our rule is to keep it simple, fun, and maintain a toxic free environment for your breath and asana

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      Yoga Mat Recycling Program, Let Your Old Mat Live on

      We know people who will love your old Yoga Mat…

      Many Yoga mats are made from PVC or TPE are not biodegradable so they end up as landfill once you discard your mat. We have a solution to ease the guilt of purchasing a new sustainable mat and to solve your “what to do with my old mat?” dilemma.

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      Mother’s Day Instagram Challenge, Mukti Mat Giveaway

      In just over a weeks time we will be celebrating the most important woman in our lives, Mum.

      We are giving away a Grounded Mukti Mat as part of a Mother’s Day Instagram Challenge.

      To enter simply post a relevant picture that captures your mum or the spirit of motherhood. Make sure you include the following tags in your post. #YogaMum #MuktiMatMum @Muktimats.

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      Letting Go… How to Re-purpose Your Yoga Mat

      Letting Go… How to ease the pain of replacing your Yoga Mat

      Admittedly, letting go of your old Yoga mat can be hard to do. Chances are you and your mat have bonded over countless classes, breathes and downward dogs. However, there comes a time when your once shiny new mat is not so fresh and ready to be replaced.

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      Sarah Louisa Yoga

      Sarah Louisa Yoga
      Sarah Haralambous is a full-time yoga teacher on the Sunshine Coast. She is loved by her community for teaching fun, light, challenging classes that are made accessible to all of her students.

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