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      Yoga For Tight Shoulders, Neck & Upper Back

      Relieve tension in your neck, shoulders and upper back with this therapeutic upper body yoga sequence.  To be enjoyed on it's own as a yin practice, or following a vinyasa flow as a nurturing pathway towards savasana.

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      Yoga Playlist: Mukti Evening Flow

      Enjoy this 45 minute yoga playlist created for you. Bask in a blend of mellow ambient songs, acoustic tunes and soulful voices, that support a slow flow, Yin or restorative yoga practice. 

      Yoga Playlist - Sweet Slow Flow

      As we learn to rein in the mind and rein in our actions, we gain control over our lives once again”~ Bringing Yoga to Life by Donna Farhi (2004)

      As the festive season starts to build, it can be tempting to put a hold on your yoga practice, however this is when some time on your yoga mat can be most powerful in keeping you grounded, connected and calm during the busy months. 

      We have put together some of our favourite tunes to create a sweet playlist designed for a 60 minute slow flow or restorative practice.


      The Mukti Team xx