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      Your Practice — Article

      Yoga in the time of COVID

      When I was working in Antarctica, yoga and meditation were my ways to stay ‘grounded’ at sea. It might not have looked like it does in the brochures, with a yogini extending gracefully into natarajasana against a backdrop of iceberg-speckled seas - actually, it looked more like yoga during COVID-19, yogini alone in a little room, trying to find stillness amidst the chaos - but it did help.

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      What is in our Eco Yoga Mats

      Many companies are happy to tell you what’s not in their products, but are a little less of an open book when it comes to sharing what is in their products. At Create Flow transparency is fundamental in empowering our community to become conscious consumers.

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      Yoga For Tight Shoulders, Neck & Upper Back

      Relieve tension in your neck, shoulders and upper back with this therapeutic upper body yoga sequence.  To be enjoyed on it's own as a yin practice, or following a vinyasa flow as a nurturing pathway towards savasana.

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